BGE Electric Utility

by admin on May 25, 2011

BGE Electric UtilityBGE is the old monopoly electric utility in Baltimore Maryland. Now that the electric market is deregulated BGE is actively encouraging and showing their customers how to save money by shopping and comparing electric rates.

BGE electric utility has provided charts and graphs that shows since 2009 there has been an average drop in BGE electric rates of approximately 18 percent.

Simply by going through the trouble of calling a few electric suppliers operating in the BGE electric utility area and looking at their rate plans you can find a cheaper price than you have now.

Ordering electric service from a qualified electric utility in the BGE electric footprint is as easy as getting online and ordering electric service.

Once you place your electric service order online you immediately receive a confirmation on the site your on as well as an email that confirms your order.

Sometimes an electric deposit is needed if you do not pass the initial credit check. This Baltimore electric deposit request will be sent in an email and you may receive a follow up phone call.

To make the Baltimore electric comparison process a little simpler we have an online comparison chart that gives you the ability to shop and compare BGE electric footprint offers.

Just type in your zip code to begin comparing BGE electric alternate electricity suppliers and their rate plans.

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