Texas Utility Rates

by admin on May 24, 2011

Texas Utility RatesIf you are relocating to the state of Texas you likely want to know not so much what the utility rates are as that could mean water, natural gas, or electricity. You are probably instead wondering what is the cost of Texas electricity utility rates.

Natural gas prices are generally close to the same price no matter the area of the country you are in and the same is the case for water utility prices.

Electric utility rates are an altogether different animal as prices differ dramatically depending on the state you are in.

The average residential electricity price  in Texas as of Jan 2011 is 10.96 cents per kilowatt hour. In 2010 the average Texas residential electric rate was 11.27 cents per kWh.

The average commercial Texas electric rate in January 2011 was 8.85 cents per kilowatt hour. In January 2010 the average commercial electric utility rate was 9.31 cents per kilowatt hour.

You compare current Texas electric utility rates by using the compare chart at the top right or call us at 1-800-971-4020.

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